about us

About us

Stefaan, Nathalie, and the team take it as a point of honor to turn business stays into a unique experience. They warmly welcome groups once all the business folks have headed home.

These two entrepreneurial spirits feel right at home in the corporate world. During business trips, they often ended up in stuffy, typical accommodations. Occasionally, they encountered a place that did things differently. And that stuck with them.

Perhaps? Someday? Could it be for them?



has had a unique hobby since he was twelve. During that time, his father purchased a run-down townhouse in Bruges, ready for a complete makeover. Together with his two sons, they got to work. They spent every free moment on it.

Later on, Stefaan pursued more of the same. Once he completed one challenging project, he already had the next one in sight.


with a financial background, is currently contributing to the story of an interior design company.

At GARE 55, the experience, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of both Stefaan and Nathalie come together. They were looking for a project to embark on together, preferably something close by where they could feel at home. The old Rieme/Ertvelde station presented a unique and wonderfully situated opportunity.